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Re: Bug for llnl.dat database?

If you are going to use llnl.dat which has an _enormous_ list of minerals and species, you will need to change the default memory allocation for PHREEQC 2.5. Find the actual application file in the "prog" folder, select it, and then select File->Get Info->Memory. There, you can change the memory allocated to the program from ~2000 kb to ~4000 kb. If you have plenty of RAM, change it to ~8000 kb, just in case. At least the application quit gracefully! In the future, we will add a note in the readme file regarding memory allocation.

Brian Marshall

At 9:49 AM -0700 1/14/02, dlpark@xxxxxxxx wrote:
The error message  indicates that the program ran out of memory. Unless you
have only a few megabytes of memory, this should not have happened. I'll
have to check with Brian Marshall (he compiled the Mac version) to see if
he has any ideas, but the examples worked on his machine. However, example
1 is normally run with the phreeqc.dat database, so llnl.dat may not have
been tested.

A couple things you could do (1) run  example 1 with the phreeqc.dat
database, and (2) attach the ex1.out files for both the phreeqc.dat and
llnl.dat runs to an email.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, hopefully we can find the


David Parkhurst (dlpark@xxxxxxxx)
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To whom it may concern,

I have recently downloaded Phreeqc 2.5 for the macintosh and can't get the
llnl.dat database to work with it. I get the following error message as

SIOUX state: application has terminated

Input file: ex1

Output file: ex1.out

Database file: llnl.dat


ERROR: NULL pointer returned from malloc or realloc.
ERROR: Program terminating.

Is there a problem with the database or am I missing something obvious?

Yours faithfully,

Colin Walker
Univeristy of Bristol

  Brian D. Marshall
U.S. Geological Survey