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Re: bernd 15-01-02

Still I have to thank you for your last answer last year.
I wish you a happy new year and I have some problems
with phreeqc this year, too.
- Do I have access on pH in the BASIC? If not - 
    how can I realize this, I need this examination of pH-value.
    I think it would be very important to implement
    the access of pH in RATES.
- How often will carry out the loop in RATES? 
    I build a little inputfile to test this but the
    results shown after, don't give any hint.
    Is it controled by TIME ?
- If I use the parameter ALK with the command
    If ALK < 0.0 Then ....
    the value of ALK itself was changed

see input-files above: LoII_MIX129_RATES2 gives pH=5.52
                                LoII_MIX129_RATES gives pH=6.52
with the same input!?

- Your proposal (email 14/11/01) to rate
    with M=-ALK*0.5 doesn't work in Phreeqci 2.5;
    in Phreeqci RC1 I'm not sure.
In general:
- In a very great MIX-file I've print out all values of N and see that 
    the values of N = N(5), what is N in
N NO3- 0.0 N 14.0067
N(+5) NO3- 0.0 N
N(+3) NO2- 0.0 N
N(0) N2 0.0 N
N(-3) NH4+ 0.0 N
- If one set the Redox-condition:
    redox Fe(2)/Fe(3)
    in the solutions and then call up many MIX commands in the kind:
MIX 121
1 0.00208268
2 0.00000000
3 0.01971970
1120 0.97819763
USE equilibrium_phases 2
SAVE solution 1121
    will then the Redox-condition be current/valid for all the
    following MIXings?
- If I use the same MIX - number several times, does it have any
    consequences ?
Thank you for answer.
Bernd Ehret (bernd.ehret@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus
Postfach 101344
D-03013 Cottbus

Attachment: LoII_MIX129_RATES2.pqi
Description: Binary data

Attachment: LoII_MIX129_RATES.pqi
Description: Binary data

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