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GAS_PHASE question

Dear David,
Could you please help me once more?
I wanted to model Calcite dissolution in a closed volume of acidic water in order to check gas pressure change.
I have used the following input file.
TITLE Calcite dissolution in closed volume of acidic water
  pH 4.0 charge
  Cl 1.0              
  Water 1.0         
 -pressure 1.0
 -volume 0.00001
 -temperature 25.0
  CO2(g) 1.0
  CaCO3 1.0
  0.0009 moles in 4 steps
 CO2(g) 0.0 0.0

Probably, there is something wrong with the input file, since I don’t get CO2 pressure increase. In addition, when I change a temperature I don’t receive pressure change.
I tried to use equilibration with CaCO3 and got another, but similar result.
What is wrong?
Help, please!
Thank you in advance.
Dr. Michael Zilberbrand
Hydrological Service of Israel
Research Division
P.O.B. 36118, Jerusalem 91360

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