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Re: Question about PHAST

The problem is with the -chemistry_dimensions specification in GRID. You
should include XY instead of Z,

-chemistry_dimensions XY

Any dimension not included in -chemistry_dimensions (Z in this case), must
have exactly two nodes. Flow and transport is always 3D, but the idea is to
save some calculation time in the chemistry if there is symmetry in the
problem. In your case, phast will calculate chemistry on the lower XY plane
of nodes and copy the results to the upper plane of nodes, however, you
must have complete symmetry in flow and chemistry to use this option.

You could also avoid the error message by running with
-chemistry_dimensions XYZ, and then chemistry will be run for all active

In your input file, X and Z were not included in -chemistry_dimensions, so
PHAST wanted there to be only 2 nodes in the X and Y directions. Sorry
about the obscure error message. That part of the program must have been
written early on, and the keywords and options have changed since that
error message was coded.


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