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PROJECT TITLE: Modeling and Uncertainty of Complex Ground-Water Systems

Mary C. Hill, Project Chief, Boulder, Colorado

This page provides supporting material for the text book

Effective Groundwater Model Calibration: With Analysis of Data, Sensitivities, Predictions, and Uncertainty,

by ,

To order the book from the publisher, click here

Course Schedules for Teaching the Material in the Book

Suggestions for a few lectures of a semester course (word file; 24.0Kb; updated 2/5/07)

Schedule for 3-day course-Utrecht Univ-2005.doc (word file; 62.0 Kb; updated1/15/07)

Schedule for 5-day course-USGS-2004 (word file; 68.0Kb; updated1/15/07)

Schedule for 16-hour course-MODFLOW-2006 conference.xls (excel file; 40Kb; upated 1/24/07)

Schedule for semester course-UC-Boulder-2000 (word file; 59.5kb; updated 1/15/07)

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