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VS2DI - A Graphical Software Package for Simulation of Fluid Flow and Solute or Energy Transport Through Variably Saturated Porous Media

The VS2DI package contains all the tools that a user needs to create, run, and view results for a simulation of flow and transport through variably saturated porous media. The package seamlessly integrates a graphical user interface, within which the user can draw the simulated domain and enter or modify model parameters, with existing USGS models of flow and solute transport, VS2DT, and flow and energy transport, VS2DH, with a postprocessor that displays simulation results.
When VS2DI is installed on a computer, three executables are created: VS2DTI, for simulating water and solute transport; VS2DHI for simulating water and energy transport; and VS2POST, a stand-alone postprocessor that permits users to view simulation results using data sets for either VS2DT or VS2DH that were created within this package or which were created for previous versions of VS2DT or VS2DH.
Users unfamiliar with VS2DT and VS2DH will find that the VS2DI package allows one to easily and rapidly examine water and contaminant (or heat) movement through various different hydrologic regimes. It is an excellent tool for hypothesis testing (for example, looking at the influence that the shape, position, and hydraulic characteristics of a layer of low permeability has on the movement of a contaminant infiltrating from the soil surface). VS2DI is also very useful for teaching the basics of soil physics and subsurface contaminant transport. Typical applications of the programs are for studies of ground-water recharge, surface-water-ground-water exchange, and contaminant transport from waste disposal sites.
Experienced users of VS2DT and VS2DH will find that it is now much easier to construct simulations and to analyze results. This package contains revised Fortran source codes (version 3.0 of VS2DT and VS2DH) which supersede previous versions of these programs. The revisions are detailed in the on-line help manual. Also included are Fortran executables and instructions for recompilation.


[   ] Summary of VS2DI
[   ] Version history
[   ] VS2DI On-Line Help Manual
[   ] VS2DI Installation Instructions (README files) for
Sun Solaris or SGI


[   ] Download PDF Acrobat documentation of VS2DI (0.11MB)
[   ] Download POSTSCRIPT documentation of VS2DI (0.85MB)
[   ] Download installation of VS2DI Version 1.1 for Windows 95/98/NT (7.76MB)
[   ] Download installation of VS2DI Version 1.1 for Windows 95/98/NT on floppy (requires 7 floppy disks - 7.42MB)
[   ] Download installation of VS2DI Version 1.1 for Sun Solaris (5.91MB)
[   ] Download installation of VS2DI Version 1.1 for Silicon Graphics (6.88MB)
[   ] Download installation of VS2DI Version 1.1 for UNIX (3.13MB)
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