Setting Up the Drawing Area

The main part of the pre and postprocessor windows is a drawing area for displaying graphical data. To set up the drawing area, click the "Options" menu and select "Drawing...". The "Drawing Options" dialog box is displayed.

Drawing Size: Specified by width and height in inches. Defines the size of the printed output.

Scale: Defines the model distance in the horizontal (x or r) and vertical (z) directions represented by 1 inch on the drawing. To create a drawing with no vertical exaggeration, enter the same value for both horizontal and vertical directions.

Ruler Units: The horizontal and vertical rulers on the pre and postprocessor windows can show either model units or inches on the drawing. Generally, the ruler is set to show model units unless the user needs to determine the physical dimensions of the drawing.

Origin: In VS2DHI, the x or r axis points to the right, and the z axis points downward. The location of the origin is defined on the drawing as inches in the horizontal direction from the left edge of the drawing, and inches in the vertical direction from the top of the drawing.

Decimal Places: Specifies the number of decimal places to shown by the cursor coordinates at the lower left corner of the pre and postprocessor windows.

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