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Platte River Project


Openfile Reports

Geomorphic Data Collected Within and Adjacent to Nebraska Public Power District's Cottonwood Ranch Property, Platte River, Nebraska
Design Image OF03-170 Water Year 2001 ( 136 MB)
Design Image OF03-171 Water Year 2002 ( 97.4 MB)
Design Image OF04-1292 Water Year 2003 ( 92.4 MB)
Design Image OF05-1090 Water Year 2004 ( 93 MB)

To view the Openfile Reports, you will need a program to unzip the file, such as WinZip, and Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the PDF file. Be sure to maintain the directory structure when the files are unzipped or the links in the document will not work (this is default in WinZip).



Assessing Sandhill Crane Habitat Along the Platte River, Nebraska
Design Image FS05-3029 ( 2.1 MB)

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