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The Downsizer is a Graphical User Interface-based application for browsing, acquiring, and formatting time-series data for hydrologic modeling.

Climate data is from the NWS COOP network and the NRCS SNOTEL network. Streamflow data is from the USGS NWIS network.

Starting with version 3 (release date 1/7/2013) the Downsizer connects directly to the web services of the agencies providing the data. This is a significant change to how the Downsizer works and there are several implications:
  1. The Downsizer can run on computers outside of the USGS intranet.
  2. Data is much more up to date. 
  3. Data pulls may be siginificantly slower.
  4. Any data pulled with the Downsizer will be subject to the originating source agency's data distribution policy (including updates, corrections, quality control, "real time" availability). This means that users should be pariticularly aware that these data sets can and will evolve over time and often contain different values each time they are pulled.
  5. The MoWS project has no control over the availability of any particular web service that is used by the Downsizer. This means that we cannot restart any of these serices if they are down.
Version 3 of the Downsizer was built and tested with a 64-bit version of Java 1.7. If you're experiencing problems, we recommend that you verify your version of Java and upgrade, if necessary, to the latest release.


Downsizer is documented in USGS Open-File Report 2009-1166.

Current Release: Downsizer Client v3.2.4

Released 2013/02/05

Installation and Run: Download "downsizer-client-64bit-3.2.4.jar" from the "64-bit" link below. This is an executable jar file which will run by double clicking on it or typing it's name on the command line. Sometimes you may have to type "java -jar downsizer-client-64bit-3.2.4.jar" on the command line. If this does not work, check your Java installation.

Description: This version connects directly to the web services of the agencies providing the data. The map resolution problem when zooming into the globe has been fixed. Also, there were certain NWIS stream gages in previous versions which could not be loaded. This has been fixed too.


Previous Releases

Downsizer Client v3.2.2

Released 2013/01/07

Description: This version connects directly to the web services of the agencies providing the data.


Note: Starting with version 2.3.2, Downsizer supports 64-bit versions of the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, in addition to their 32-bit counterparts.

Click either the "32-bit" or "64-bit" link to download the correct distribution for your operating system.

Downsizer Client v2.4.0

Released 2009/10/19

32-bit          64-bit

In Units Frame, added the ability to specify the unit of elevation that will be used in output files.

Redesigned the Units Frame GUI to accommodate the new functionality.

Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing Downsizer to output stations in a different order than they were added in Station Addition Frame.

Downsizer Client v2.3.2

Released 2009/07/23

32-bit          64-bit

Added a 64-bit release of Downsizer. So now, both 32- and 64-bit versions of the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems are supported.

Added labels to Station Review frame that track the number of stations that have been added.

Stopped tracking build numbers for Downsizer releases.

Downsizer Client v2.3.1.974

Released 2009/06/18

32-bit          64-bit

Fixed a bug that prevented Downsizer from running on Linux.

Downsizer Client v2.3.0.973

Released 2009/05/18

32-bit          64-bit

The Lauren's Format output file type has been replaced by XYZ Format. XYZ is very similar to Lauren's, but includes critical station metadata that Lauren's does not. The XYZ files that Downsizer generates can be used as input to SHODAN.

Downsizer Client v2.2.2.966

Released 2009/04/09

32-bit          64-bit

Fixed a bug that was causing Downsizer to fail when a climate station was selected that had data for 1 variable (usually precip), but not all 3.

Fixed a bug that caused "Add stations by location" to fail when there were stations within the rectangle that had previously been added and selected.

Downsizer Client v2.2.1.945

Released 2009/04/07

32-bit          64-bit

The SNOTEL database is once again available. It contains all historical data for water years 2007 and earlier (2008 for some stations). Recent data for water years 2008 and 2009 will be added "soon".

Also, the functions of the check boxes in Quality Control Frame are described a bit better.

Downsizer Client v2.2.0.941

Released 2009/03/31

32-bit          64-bit

The COOP climate database that the Downsizer relies upon has been greatly expanded. It now covers virtually every station that NOAA tracks (including those outside the US) for their entire periods of record (instead of just January 1948 onward). SNOTEL data are not currently available but will be restored soon.

The client has also been tweaked a bit to improve usability, in preparation for the forthcoming user's manual. There are no new major features.

Downsizer Client v2.1.0.745

Released 2008/04/21

32-bit          64-bit

This release adds World Wind to Downsizer. Visualizing station locations and retrieving data for specific geographical regions can now be done with just a few mouse gestures. Click the "Controls..." menu item in the World Wind frame for an overview of how to navigate the globe.

Downsizer Client v2.0.1.361

Released 2008/03/20

32-bit          64-bit

Fixed the broken "Add..." buttons in the Fine Station Select sub-window.

Downsizer Client v2.0.0.357

Released 2008/03/18

32-bit          64-bit

The Downsizer GUI has been completely redesigned for this release. Logically-related operations are now organized into sub-windows within the Downsizer desktop, and these windows are accessible via the toolbar at the right. By in large, the sub-windows correspond to the titled panels that made up the old monolithic GUI. So, the functionality of Downsizer is nearly the same after the facelift.

However, there were some new features added:
Downsizer Client v1.0.1.11

Released 2008/02/07

32-bit          64-bit

Fixed a bug that was causing not all of the necessary .class files to be included in the Client release.

Downsizer Client v1.0.0.1

Released 2008/02/04

32-bit          64-bit

The summary file has been expanded to include the name, latitude, longitude, and elevation of every station it summarizes. The overall format is also more clean and consistent. Period of record may be added in the future.

The versioning policy was changed. Previous versions were numbered according to the date that they were built, e.g. v2008.01.22. Future versions will be numbered according to a more traditional format: major.minor.bug.build
Downsizer is always stable: there is no public development branch, and each new version supersedes all earlier versions. Versioning began being tracked in this manner on 2008/02/04 (the release date of

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