Training videos

These are recordings of the lectures presented at the PRMS training course. These were rerecorded during the summer of 2015 to improve the quality and update the content.
  1. Hydrologic Research and Assessment: From Local to Regional Scales presented at USGS South Atlantic Water Science Center (May 18, 2017, LaFontaine)
  2. Loosely Coupled Modeling with PRMS and SNTemp in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint presented at GSA and AWRA 2013 (17 minutes, Markstrom
  3. Simulating hydrologic response to climate and landscape change using the Preciupitation-Runoff Modeling System in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin, southeastern USA presented at AWRA 2013  (30 minutes, LaFontaine)
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 Videos of conference presentations

These are recordings of powerpoints related to the MOWS project
  1.     PRMS Overview
  2.     PRMS Quickstart
  3.     PRMS Directories and Files
  4.     PRMS Basin Definition Module
  5.     PRMS Solar Table Module
  6.     PRMS Time Series
  7.     PRMS Climate Distribution Modules
  8.     PRMS Solar Radiation Module
  9.     PRMS Transpiration Period Module
  10.     PRMS Potential Evapotranspiration Module
  11.     PRMS Interception Module
  12.     PRMS Snow Module
  13.     PRMS Surface Runoff Modules
  14.     PRMS Soilzone Module
  15.     PRMS Groundwater Module
  16.     PRMS Streamflow Routing Modules
  17.     PRMS Cascading Flow
  18.     PRMS Depression Storage
  19.     PRMS Inputs
  20.     PRMS Weasel Overview
  21.     PRMS National Hydrologic Model Overview
  22.     PRMS Parameter Sensitivity Demo
  23.     PRMS Parameter Calibration
  24.     PRMS GUI Demo
 MOWS online seminars

These are recordings of seminars on how to do specific modeling tasks by the MOWS project.
  1.    PART 1:  Downloading downscaled GCM scenario data using the GDP (7:47 minutes, Markstrom)
  2.    PART 2:  Downloading downscaled GCM scenario data using the GDP (15:02 minutes, Markstrom)
  3.    MOWS Watershed Modeling Teminology (13:07, Markstrom)
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