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P2S-Coupled Simulation with the Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System (PRMS) and the Stream Temperature Network (SNTemp) Models

A software program, called P2S, has been developed which couples the daily stream temperature simulation capabilities of the U.S. Geological Survey Stream Network Temperature model with the watershed hydrology simulation capabilities of the U.S. Geological Survey Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System. The Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System is a modular, deterministic, distributed-parameter, physical-process watershed model that simulates hydrologic response to various combinations of climate and land use. Stream Network Temperature was developed to help aquatic biologists and engineers predict the effects of changes that hydrology and energy have on water temperatures. P2S will allow scientists and watershed managers to evaluate the effects of historical climate and projected climate change, landscape evolution, and resource management scenarios on watershed hydrology and in-stream water temperature.


Summary of P2S, including version history

Installation instructions

Download Software (P2S 1.0.0, July 1, 2012)

P2S 1.0.0

Update Summary

Changes in the specification of user inputs since last major release are here

Previous Versions


Support is provided for correcting bugs and clarification of how the code is intended to work. Only limited assistance can be provided for applying P2S in specific studies.

Before contacting us for support, please:

  1.     Make sure that you have downloaded the most current version of P2S (available above).
  2.     Run the model in "command line mode" (see the example problems included in the download on how to do this) and correct any issues that are identified by either error or warning messages.
  3.     If you were unable to get rid of any messages, capture (screen grabs are best) them in their entirety.
  4.     Describe the action that seems to have triggered the problem (ie "started crashing when I try to load a new data file").
For support, send an email to the USGS MOWS project.

    Email: mows-help@usgs.gov


The P2S software is documented by USGS Open-File Report 2012-1116

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