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Dear Dr. Parkhurst,

I use PHREEQC in many studies of interest in my institution. We are involved
in geological sequestration of CO2 and I am attempt to introduce new kinetic
approaches for carbonate minerals (i.e., calcite, dolomite and mganesite)
dissolution/precipitation reactions. The approach based on Surface
Complexation Reactions (Pokrovsky and co-authors, 1999-2002) is interesting
and I try to introduce it for our studies. If I correctly understood it is
possible to introduce in PHREEQC input file many surface reactions of
kinetically reacting minerals. I elaborated the following  input file but I
have some problems to react all minerals. For instance, only the first one
(dolomite in the file) is reacting.  Could you, please, take some time to
check where is the error in my file :

I apologize if this kingd of problems are already questioned.

Kind regards

Dr M. Azaroual
Hydrogeological and Hydrochemical Modeling
BRGM -  Water Division,
3, av. C. Guillemin, B.P. 6009
45060 Orléans Cedex 2
E-mail:    m.azaroual@xxxxxxx
Web Site:  http://www.brgm.fr

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