Assigning Boundary Conditions to Boundary Segments

Before you begin, make sure that "Boundary Condition" is selected in the "Active Data" Selector. If the Recharge Period Window is not visible, click the "Show" menu and select"Recharge Period Window".

1. In the Recharge Period Window, click the row displaying the recharge period for which you want to assign boundary conditions.

2. Click the button if it is visible. Skip this step if the button is not displayed.

2. Select a boundary segment by placing the cursor on it and clicking the left mouse button. A selected boundary segment is highlighted in gray. To select multiple boundary segments, place the cursor on the first segment, press and hold the left mouse button, then drag the cursor to other boundary segments you want to select.

3. Click the button. The "BC for Recharge Period n" Dialog box is displayed. (n is the recharge period number for which the boundary condition is assigned.)

4. Select the desired flow boundary condition (and transport boundary condition if simulating transport) and enter values if necessary.

5. Select the option to either

6. Click "OK".

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