Output Options

Output options are used to control writing of VS2DH 3.0 model output files. See also: How to Control VS2DH 3.0 output.

Output Variables: Specify the variables (head, moisture content, etc.) to be written to the main output file. The output policy is determined by the "Print Result" option of the recharge period parameters. If the "Print Result" option is selected, output variables are written after every time step in the recharge period. Otherwise, output variables are written at "Output Times" (see below) and at the end of a recharge period. If transport is simulated, temperature is automatically included as an output variable and is written according to output policy.

Mass Balance Output: Specify output policy for writing all mass balance components to the main output file. Note: To write selected mass balance components to the auxiliary output file (file09.out), use the options in the "Fluid Balance" tab and the "Energy Balance" tab (if transport is simulated).

Output Times: Specify times at which selected output variables and mass balances are written to the main output file. In addition, pressure heads and temperatures (if transport is simulated) are written to auxiliary file (file08.out) at the same output times. Default output times are the ending times for all recharge periods. To use "at specified time" option, enter an output time in the space below "Time:" and click "Add". The list of output times is shown on the right. Use the "Modify" and "Delete" buttons to edit this list.

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