Working with Tabular Data

Tabular data specify the relations between pressure head, relative hydraulic conductivity (relative K), and moisture content without using a functional form such as the van Genuchten, Brooks-Corey, or Haverkamp models.

Tabular data are in the form of a table with three columns: pressure head, relative K, and moisture content (See figure). The table is arranged in order of increasing tension. Typically, the first row of the table contains a pressure head of zero, a relative K of 1, and a moisture content equal to the porosity. In successive rows, the pressure heads are negative values of increasing magnitudes, and the relative K's and moisture contents decrease.

The last row of the table contains the lowest values of relative K and moisture content. These values are assumed for pressure heads that are lower (of greater tension) than the pressure head in the last row.

Tabular data can be viewed or edited in the "Edit Textural Class" dialog box of the Textural Class Window. See: Editing a Textural Class.

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