Editing a Textural Class

If the Textural Class Window is not visible, display it by clicking "Show" and then selecting "Textural Class Window". If the window is in the reduced size, click "Expand".

In the Textural Class Window:

  1. Click (select) the row containing the textural class to be edited. Note: You may not edit the "inactive" textural class.
  2. Click "Edit". The "Edit Textural Class" dialog box is displayed.
  3. To change color:
  4. Change the flow properties and/or the transport properties (if transport is simulated). If using tabular data, select (click) the row containing data you want to change. The values in the row appear in the corresponding edit boxes. Make changes in the edit boxes and click "Modify". To delete the selected row, click "Delete". To add a row of data, enter pressure head, relative hydraulic conductivity, and moisture content in the appropriate text boxes and click "Insert". See Working with tabular data.
  5. Click "OK".

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