Flow Properties

Note:The user may opt to use properties for one of 22 generic soil types. References to these soils can be obtained from the VS2DH documentation (Lappala and others, 1987). The soil types that are followed by "CP" were obtained from Carsel and Parrish, 1988, "Developing joint probability distributions of soil water retention characteristics", Water Resources Research, v. 24, p. 755-769. Another useful reference for unsaturated soil hydraulic properties is the UNSODA database of Agricultural Research Service, United States Salinity Lab: http://www.ussl.ars.usda.gov/MODELS/UNSODA.HTM

Flow properties common to all hydraulic characteristic functions:

van Genuchten Model: (see formula)

Brooks-Corey Model: (see formula)

Haverkamp Model: (see formula)

Tabular Data: Consist of moisture content and relative hydraulic conductivity values for a range of pressure head values. See: Working with tabular data

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