Tutorial 1 Domain

To view and/or modify the model domain, select "Domain" from the "Active Data" selector.

The simulated domain is roughly rectangular in shape. The top of the domain represents land surface. There is a slight depression in the center of the surface which represents an ephemeral stream. The stream is assumed to be flowing for 0.1 day, has a temperature of 30 oC, and is treated as a constant pressure head boundary. For the next 4 days water with a temperature of 10 oC infiltrates through the stream bed and all the other segments of the top boundary. A specified flux boundary condition is used. The bottom of the domain is assumed to be impermeable rock upon which a perched water table may exist. The bottom is held at a constant temperature of 8 oC. The side boundaries are treated as no-water-flow and no-heat-flow boundaries except near the bottom where seepage faces are allowed to develop.

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