Tutorial 1 Model Options

The first step in building a simulation is to set the model options. We can view these for this example by clicking the "Options" menu and selecting "Model...". A tabbed dialog box with 7 tabs is displayed.

Under the Basic tab the title for the simulation is shown along with length, time, and mass units. Once these unit values are selected, the user should use caution in changing them. If units are changed, VS2DHI DOES NOT convert any property values or boundary conditions that were entered by the user. A consistent set of units must be selected and adhered to by the user.

Under Misc Options, the user can opt to work in radial coordinates, to simulate energy transport, and to include evaporation and plant transpiration. For this example only the "Simulate transport" option has been selected. If you uncheck this option, you will notice that the two tabbed panels that deal with energy transport disappear. Recheck the option and those panels reappear.

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