Tutorial 1 Flow Options

In the flow panel, an equilibrium profile is selected for initial pressure heads. With this option, the user specifies the depth to a water table; pressure heads are set equal to the negative of the elevation head so that a no-flow or static equilibrium initial condition exists. The user may replace the upper part of the equilibrium profile by a constant minimum pressure head. These values can be viewed and modified in the tutorial 1 initial hydraulic condition step.

Intercell relative hydraulic conductivity is set to "Arithmetic mean". In general, use of arithmetic and geometric mean produce little difference in simulation results. Upstream weighting is less accurate than the other options, but may by needed when simulating movement of a sharp wetting front.

There are four options for representing hydraulic characteristic functions:

  • van Genuchten Model
  • Brooks-Corey Model
  • Haverkamp Model
  • Tabular Data
  • The van Genuchten model was selected for this simulation. This is the only model for which a generic catalog of parameter values is available in VS2DHI. Parameters for this model can be entered and displayed in the tutorial 1 textural class window.

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