Tutorial 1 Postprocessor

To open the postprocessor window, select "Postprocessor" from the "Show" menu.

When the postprocessor window first appears, it displays the initial pressure head. Each active cell is colored according to the color scale on the right. You may change the display to moisture content, saturation, temperature, velocity or flux magnitude by selecting with the drop-down list box. Each display has its own color scale.

To start the simulation, click the button.

To stop the simulation, click the button.

For addition information on the postprocessor, see How to run a simulation.

Note that the mass balance errors at time step 1 are relatively large. As explained in the mass balance discussion, this apparent discrepancy is due to the sudden change in pressure and temperature at the stream bed from their initial values to different values at time step 1.

If you view the simulated temperature, you can see that the temperature plume initially moves straight downward. However, the silt tends to impede the downward flow, so that the temperature plume is deflected around the silt layer. During recharge period 2 (time > 0.1 day), the temperature plume gradually dissipates due to the cold infiltrating water.

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