Tutorial 1 Recharge Periods

To view the recharge periods window, select "Recharge Period Window" from the "Show" menu. The window will also be displayed if "Boundary Conditions" is selected from the "Active Data" selector.

There are 2 recharge periods for the example simulation, the first lasting 0.1 day and the second lasting 10 days. Aside from boundary conditions all other parameters for the 2 recharge periods are identical. The initial time step size is 0.0001 day. The time step size will be increased for each successive step by a factor of 1.2 until a maximum step size of 1 day is reached. If convergence of the solver is not attained, the time step size will be reduced by a factor of 0.1. The maximum allowed change in head is 10 m. Steady state will only be assumed when there is no change in computed heads between adjacent time steps. If the applied infiltration rate exceeds the ability of the soil to imbibe water, then ponding will occur in the simulation with the elevation of ponded water being equal to that of land surface.

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