Drawing a Textural Zone

A textural zone is drawn as a polygon.

Before you begin, make sure that "Textural Map" is selected in the "Active Data" Selector.

1. If the Textural Class Window is not visible, display it by clicking the "Show" menu and selecting "Textural Class Window". If the window is in its full size, you can reduce it by clicking "Shrink".

2. Click the button.

3. Select a textural class by clicking the appropriate row in the Textural Class Window. The properties of the selected textural class, including the color, will be assigned to the textural zone to be drawn next.

4. Draw the textural zone (polygon) by clicking on its vertices. (Click with left mouse button.)

5. Double click the last vertex.

6. Repeat steps 3 - 6 to draw additional textural zones.

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