Saving Simulation Results

When the postprocessor is in computational mode You may save simulation results for later playback.

To save simulation results:

  1. Click the "Options" menu, then click "Simulation...". A dialog box is displayed.
  2. Enter the "Target time interval between save". Simulation results will be saved when integral multiples of target time interval have elapsed. For example, if the time step size is 1.6 and the target time interval between save is 4, then results will be saved at 4.8, 8.0, 12.8, 16, 20.8, etc.
  3. Activate (check) the option "Save simulation".
  4. Select the type of output to be saved. The options are: moisture content, saturation, and velocity/flux vectors. By default, pressure head is always saved. If energy transport is simulated, then temperature is always saved.
  5. Click OK.

When results are being saved during a simulation, you may not change the type of saved output (moisture content, saturation, etc) in the middle of the simulation. If you want to change the type of saved output, you must restart the computation from the beginning by clicking the "Action" menu and then clicking "Restart computation."

The simulation results are saved in a file named vs2dh.sim in the working directory. This file is in binary format and can be read only by the postprocessor.

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