Subdividing a Grid Interval

A "Grid Interval" is a portion of the grid defined by selected, consecutive grid lines (see figure). The number and spacing of grid lines in a grid interval can be changed by subdividing the grid interval.

Before you begin, make sure that "Grid" is selected in the "Active Data" Selector.

1. Click the button.

2. Define the grid interval as follows:

The grid lines in the interval are displayed with small black squares at their endpoints.

3. Click the "Edit" menu and select "Subdivide..." The "Subdivide" Dialog box is displayed.

4. Enter the number of columns or rows into which the interval will be divided.

5. Column widths or row heights can be specified as follows:

6. Click "OK".

Subdividing a Grid Interval via the Grid Window

1. If the Grid Window is not visible, display it by clicking the button.

2. Select the "grid interval" of consecutive coordinates--click on the first coordinate, then hold down the "Shift" key and click on the last coordinate.

3. Click the "Subdivide" button. The "Subdivide" Dialog box is displayed.

Continue with step 4 above.

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