Alaska Rivers Sediment Transport

GSTL staff, including Jon Nelson and Rich McDonald, are working closely with the USGS Alaska Science Center to support the use of the MD_SWMS modeling interface with ongoing projects including:

  • Modeling and Monitoring Streambed Scour at Alaska Bridges with Jeff Conaway. See McDonald and others, 2006; and Conaway and Moran, 2004.
  • Lower Copper River Dynamics and Geomorphology Project with Tim Brabets.

Example from Knik River: High resolution scour data from the Knik River will be used for validating the Sediment Transport and Channel Evolution modules currently in development for use in MD_SWMS.

Photograph of Knik River
Knik River near Palmer, Alaska. Flow is from right to left.

Scour Monitoring Graphic 2002-2005
Knik Scour monitoring data 2002-2005. Streambed elevation is measured every 30 minutes.

Scour Monitoring Graphic 2004
Knik Scour monitoring data during high scour event in 2004.

Streamwise Velocity Graphic
Simulated streamwise velocity magnitude during 2004 scour event.

Water Surface Elevation Graphic
Simulated Water Surface Elevation during 2004 scour event.

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