Laboratory Facilities

GSTL has the following flume and flow measurement facilities:

  • 10-m long, 1.2-m wide tilting flow and sediment transport flume with current/wave capability
  • 7-m long, 0.30-m wide tilting sediment-transport mechanics flume
  • Wind tunnel with 3x0.5x0.5m test section
  • High-speed motion picture photography
  • High-speed videography (1000 fps) with 16-disk data storage
  • Particle-image velocimetry equipment
  • 2-D Laser-Doppler velocimeter with fiber-optic probes
  • Mid-wave infrared thermal camera
  • Ultrasonic sensor array for measuring water-surface profiles
  • Various mechanical and acoustic current meters for lab use
  • 5W argon-ion laser with fiber-optic light sheet generator
  • Particle force transducer for measuring forces on sediment particles at 200 hz
  • Complete sediment lab with Rotap, 1/2  phi sieves and settling tube

Current Laboratory Projects

GSTL Laboratory

GSTL Laboratory

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