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User's Guide to PHREEQC


In this section of the report several example calculations using PHREEQC are presented that demonstrate most of the capabilities of the program. Several of the examples are derived from examples in the PHREEQE manual (Parkhurst and others, 1980). The input files for all examples are included in tables, which should serve as templates for modeling other geochemical processes. Only selected output from each of the example runs is presented.

Example 1.-- - Speciation Calculation
Example 2.-- - Equilibration with Pure Phases
Example 3.-- - Mixing
Example 4.-- - Evaporation and Homogeneous Redox Reactions
Example 5.-- - Irreversible Reactions
Example 6.-- - Reaction-Path Calculations
Example 7.-- - Gas-Phase Calculations
Example 8.-- - Surface Complexation
Example 9.-- - Advective Transport and Cation Exchange
Example 10.-- - Advective Transport, Cation Exchange, Surface Complexation, and Mineral Equilibria
Example 11.-- - Inverse Modeling
Example 12.-- - Inverse Modeling with Evaporation

User's Guide to PHREEQC - 07 MAY 96
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